Gosu Ruby 2D Game Development

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use Gosu 2D Ruby Game development library. I assume you have some experience with coding in ruby programming language. If you are not comfortable with loops, classes and functions then I suggest you to take a few hours to learn ruby programming language. [Read more...]


In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use the JSON with PHP. JSON is a simple way to store and exchange information. JSON is a lightweight than XML, faster and easier to parse with any programming language. The output of JSON encoded data is very easy to read by both humans and machines. [Read more...]

PHP Command Line Interface

PHP can be used to run command line programs and is not restricted to browser only app development. PHP SH can be installed on Linux, windows and mac which helps you execute php files from your terminal. These programs can fetch data from web server, manipulate the data and store it on hard-disk. Though php can be used for doing command line operations, you can’t execute html specific code from the command line using Php SH. In such case, using php on browser with web server should be your focus like most of the web based programming languages. [Read more...]

PHP MySQLi Procedural and Object-Oriented Interface

MySQLi is a new improved extension for accessing mysql database. It allows procedural and object oriented interface for accessing mysql database. Though you can use the old mysql functions but new mysqli offers security, advanced options, speed and similar syntax. So if you’re trying to write code using old mysql functions, just switch to mysqli. You have nothing to lose even if you don’t know how to use Object oriented way of accessing the database. [Read more...]

Ruby on Rails Books for Beginners

In this post I will point you to some of the best books of Ruby on Rails. If you’re newbie to ruby programming language then, It is always better to start with learning the language and then move onto rails framework. If you know any other programming language like Python, Java and PHP then you’ll pick up the pace much quickly. Let’s check some good books on ruby and rails framework. [Read more...]

Android App Development on Ubuntu Linux

Android app development is not difficult if you know how to code in Java. You can develop the apps using various frameworks out there or simply use android sdk tools with eclipse. Though frameworks online are restricted to the web apps, If you wish to develop app for the native system, you have to go with the android SDK instead of all those HTML5 and other respective frameworks out there. [Read more...]