Website Testing using Splinter Python Test Framework

Testing a website by writing a code requires a lot of effort. You have to write the code to test multiple parts of the website. e.g. Website title, elements, content, keywords etc. In this tutorial we are going to test our website title using splinter pythong framework. Let’s get started. [Read more...]

Test Cases for Login Screen Page

This article explains test cases both negative and positive for the login screen. I’m taking example of gmail login screen. If you want you can take example of WordPress or yahoo login screen or any other of your choice. The positive and negative scenarios depends on the information given the requirement document. As we are testing gmail login screen we are limited to the application which is already published with limited set of information available to test. So our best approach is exploratory testing of the web app. [Read more...]

Selenium IDE Tutorial for Beginner

Selenium is a cross-browser open source automated testing suite. It is similar to the HP’s unified fuctional testing suite but restricted only to the web based applications. This tutorial approaches the selenium from hands-on example based learning. If you’re interested in theory part of the selenium then I suggest reading documentation that comes on the official selenium HQ website. This add-on is useful as a prototyping tool to test some basic interface and to automate workflow for webapps. You should be familiar with the HTML, document object model and java-script. [Read more...]

Manual Testing Open Source Application

This tutorial is written to show you how to do the manual testing of open source application. Do note that most of the open source and free software don’t maintain the documentation for the testing. So my intention here is to guide you for the formal testing process of application with the example of Gedit. You don’t have to take this tutorial as standard for manual testing. It is my attempt to guide newbies to help get started with testing open source & free software. I’m open to improve this tutorial If you’ve suggestions. [Read more...]

Gosu Ruby 2D Game Development

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use Gosu 2D Ruby Game development library. I assume you have some experience with coding in ruby programming language. If you are not comfortable with loops, classes and functions then I suggest you to take a few hours to learn ruby programming language. [Read more...]


In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to use the JSON with PHP. JSON is a simple way to store and exchange information. JSON is a lightweight than XML, faster and easier to parse with any programming language. The output of JSON encoded data is very easy to read by both humans and machines. [Read more...]

Learn MongoDB on Ubuntu Linux

Lets learn how MongoDB works in this simple tutorial . NoSQL databases are very interesting to learn and MongoDB is the easiest NoSQL DB you can learn in very short amount of time. [Read more...]

PHP Command Line Interface

PHP can be used to run command line programs and is not restricted to browser only app development. PHP SH can be installed on Linux, windows and mac which helps you execute php files from your terminal. These programs can fetch data from web server, manipulate the data and store it on hard-disk. Though php can be used for doing command line operations, you can’t execute html specific code from the command line using Php SH. In such case, using php on browser with web server should be your focus like most of the web based programming languages. [Read more...]

PHP MySQLi Procedural and Object-Oriented Interface

MySQLi is a new improved extension for accessing mysql database. It allows procedural and object oriented interface for accessing mysql database. Though you can use the old mysql functions but new mysqli offers security, advanced options, speed and similar syntax. So if you’re trying to write code using old mysql functions, just switch to mysqli. You have nothing to lose even if you don’t know how to use Object oriented way of accessing the database. [Read more...]