Sample Test Cases for Currency Field

This post is for sample test cases for currency text field. Most of the e-commerce websites have custom currency fields if they ship internationally. Often the type of currency is selected by checking the IP. So the user only gets to fill the amount part. [Read more…]

Test Cases for Bank Transactions

In this post, you’ll learn how to write test cases for bank transaction. Each bank has it’s own flow for money transfer. So it is hard to generalize the flow for all the banks. So I am attempting come up with a flow that most of the banks are likely to have in their own money transfer process. You may find a lot of difference depending on the type of the bank that you are using.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Accordion Widget

In this tutorial, let’s cover test cases for Accordion. This component is often used in support pages where FAQ’s are arranged These widgets work similar to tabs however, by default Accordion has hidden property till the mouse button is clicked on them. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Tabs

In this post, you’ll find test cases for tabs. For those who are not aware of the tabs control, you can go to jquery UI homepage and check the demos. You can find how the tabs work and how they arrange the data.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Yahoo Registration Page

In this post, I’m listing test cases for yahoo signup registration page. The test cases for the yahoo! signup page were asked in many interviews and also requested by reader of my blog. Considering this sort of question asked commonly in quite a few of the interviews, I decided to list the test cases here. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Find and Replace

In this post, I’m listing find and replace test cases. The dialog box for find and replace usually is a part of word processors, text editor and applications that involve ability to change data. Most of the common application in which you can find this dialog box inside Microsoft Word, Notepad++ and OpenOffice. There are some of the database applications that has large entries that can be found and modified using “Find and Replace” dialog box. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Date Field

In this post, I’m jotting down some of the test cases for date field validation. Date fields in form are available in various options. Some of them have the validation offered by JavaScript library like Jquery etc. So the test cases depends on the type of the date picker field that is available for you to test. As the modern date pickers have built in validation feature, in turn makes less room for bugs. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for HR Payroll System

In this post below, we discuss test cases for the payroll system. The system under test is taken from the software released by Jake Rodriguez. You can check the image below to get more idea of the payroll system. If you are interested in looking at even better features and the complex HR payroll system, then I suggest checking free open source software available. That way you can practice writing test cases more effectively. [Read more…]