Sample Test Cases for Traffic Signal

Testing interviews often have the questions for the negative and positive test cases for traffic signal. In this post I am jotting down some of the test cases that you can use. If you have any questions and suggestions to improve this post then please do let me know. If you plan to share the content of this post on forums or blogs, then please do share the URL instead of copying the content from this site.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Mouse

Writing test cases for mouse device is quite complicated unless we narrow down the device specifications. In this post I have selected generic devicec and written the cases for it. Let’s start with the device selection first and then narrow down to the specific type. Let’s keep the discussion for manufacturing company and other company specific standard out of this for now. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Mobile

This post explains some of the test cases for the mobile phone. For the sake of simplicity, we are choosing smartphone (touchscreen). In next post, I’ll cover the test cases for the telephone (analog/digital) with wired connection. Feel free to add additional test cases to the below mentioned ones or you can let me know more in comments. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for User Registration Form

This post covers the sample test scenarios and test cases for the registration form. I have taken the example registration form from jotform system. You can choose the alternative registration form if you wish but then the number of fields and the cases for the form will vary.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Notepad

Test cases for notepad are asked in many testing interviews. Depending on your level of experience, you’ll be asked feature specific test cases for notepad. Depending on the operating system you use, the notepad application will have different features and some additional or less features.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Calculator

We can see that often the experienced and the fresher tester is asked to write the test cases for the calculator. Many times the type of the calculator is not mentioned. Test cases for the calculator depends on the type – scientific, simple calculator, financial calculator or some other specific calculator like programmable calculator.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Lift

This question is asked in many interviews regardless of years of experience. I have noticed that the more experience you have the more basic questions like these appear. So here are some of my test scenarios and negative test cases for Elevator aka Lift.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Pen

We often see that interviewers ask us to write the sample test cases for pen. It becomes quite harder to write them unless we break the test cases down in multiple categories like – performance, specification, negative tests and usability tests etc. So in this article, I’m jotting down some of the sample test cases both positive and negative for the pen.  [Read more…]