Sample Test Cases for HR Payroll System

In this post below, we discuss test cases for the payroll system. The system under test is taken from the software released by Jake Rodriguez. You can check the image below to get more idea of the payroll system. If you are interested in looking at even better features and the complex HR payroll system, then I suggest checking free open source software available. That way you can practice writing test cases more effectively. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Television

In this post, you’ll find sample test cases for TV. The test cases in this post are not specific to the brand. You can adjust the brand or the specific tests as per your requirements. If this question is asked in the interview then feel free to come up with your own tests. Ask the interviewer if he has any specific feature in mind which he thinks should be tested and then you can extend the test cases accordingly. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for File Transfer

Learn how to write test cases for file transfer. This post is written to address the interview question regarding the test cases for file transfer. The question asked was specific to the FTP software and in some of the cases the test was supposed to be regarding the file transfer within the Webapp. [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Library Management System

In this post, you’ll learn about library management system test cases. The library manager system under test is – rider library management system (hosted on sourceforge). It is very simple and effective system for management of library users and the books. [Read more…]

How to Test Database as Manual Tester

Database testing can be done in various ways – be it manual testing or automated testing. Even within the manual testing, there are multiple ways to approach the testing. As a software tester, if you are new to the organization, you’re less likely to know the process for database testing. And each organization has it’s own procedure for testing the database.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Password Reset

Password reset test cases were asked in the interview for candidates with one year experience. This question was sent to me on my twitter so I decided to write a post about it. I am going to list some of the common test scenarios which you can use for testing the password reset page.  [Read more…]

How to Deal with Non Reproducible Bug

You may reach a point in your testing career where you have found bug and may not able to reproduce it. There are many reasons for the same but most of the time you’re supposed to file such bugs. During the interview, this questions often comes and candidates find it harder to answer the same.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Payment Gateway

Payment gateway testing is quite common for the testers who work in the startup or the service industry. I have decided to write this post for those who have asked for the test cases of such gateways in the past.

[Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Telecom Billing System

This post is based on request from reader regarding the test cases for telephone billing system asked in the interview. Considering the telecom companies in the IT sector, this post will definitely help freshers to get understanding of how to write test cases for such application.  [Read more…]

Sample Test Cases for Digital Camera

I have one request for the test cases post, and in this post I am going to cover the test cases for digital camera. I have tried to jot down some of the most common test scenarios that you can easily find while working with the digital camera. Feel free to let me know if you need any modifications or have any suggestions for these usage based cases. [Read more…]