In review : C/C++ Books

There are several C/C++ books targeted towards beginners. It becomes a tough decision while choosing single out of them. It depends on how you grasp the things, some folks learn from run & learn method while some learn from theory approach. If you are pursuing a C/C++ course in college/institute then your instructors will point you to right direction. Still if you’re lost then read on. In this article I’ve reviewed some of the books from which I’ve learned C/C++. I’m in no way affiliated with the book publishers; I’ve gone through these books in library. That is why I’ve not mentioned any ISBN here. I’m not even recommending these books; you’ve to take decision while purchasing anyone of it. If you’re unable to find any of it at your library then you can try your search at Amazon or Barnes & noble.

Academic Books
These books are usually referred as textbooks in some universities/institutes. If your institute or college refers to any other book other than mentioned here do post me about it.

[1] “Let us C “By Yashwant Kanetkar
This is a famous book recommended by many training institutes & Colleges. It is not suitable for intermediate learners. There is also C++ version of this book called as “Let us C++” by Yashwant Kanetkar.

[2] “Object oriented programming with C++” – E Balguruswamy
This is another famous book. This book has good coverage of C++ language. Recent release of this book has some colored illustrated figures & explanation. It is quite good book for going through the concepts.

[3] “C++ Complete reference”  – Herb schildt
This is another good title from famous author herb schildt. This book has good explanation about namespace, STL and keywords. If you’re C programmer then you can read “Teach Yourself C++” by herb schildt. It explains C++ and OOPS in lucid manner.

[4] “Object Oriented Programming in C++” – Robert Lafore
This is one good book for beginners in C++. It explains the language in clear manner then moved onto more complex topics. It is really worth a read.

[5] ” The C programming Language” – Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie (K&R)
This book is usually referred by teaching staffs. But very few find it easy to get around this book.

Other books usually referred are O’reilly series (C++ in Nutshell or C in Nutshell).

Advanced Books
These books are supposed to be read for advanced topics in language. I’m listing books for algorithms, data structure & advanced concepts here.

[1] “Industrial Strength C++” – Mats Henricson & Erik Nyquist
This book has good explanation for coding standards. This book can be referred to improve the coding standards of programmer.

[2] “C++ Primer” – Stanley B. Lippman & Josée Lajoie
This book will take you to c++ language from basics to more advanced details. It is usually recommended if you’re learning any C++ based toolkits or if you want to proceed to C++ in depth.

[3] “Data Structures” – S K Kataria
This is the book referred to students of data structures.

[4] “Programming Embedded systems in C and C++” – Michael Barr
It explains use of C & C++ in embedded systems. It has nice information regarding overview of embedded systems.

[5] “How not to program in C++” – Steve Oualline 
It has good code examples and 100 puzzles that will keep you busy with the language.

[6] “Algorithms” – Robert Sedgwick
It covers data structures concepts like linked list, queues and hash tables, searching & sorting methods.

[7] “Fractal creations” – Tim wegner & Mark Peterson
If you’re interested in fractals then this is the book you need. It has explanations for fractal & Mandelbrot set.

[8] “Computers, patterns, Chaos and beauty” – Clifford A. Pickover
If you’re interested in computer graphics, patterns then this is the book. It has good explanation of the graphics & some mathematical ideas etc. In short this book is fun to read.

Reference Books
These books can be treated as reference as well as additional reference. These books are to be read only when you became comfortable with the language.

[1] ” The annotated C++ Reference Manual” – Margaret Ellis & Bjarne Stroustroup
This is good book that has lot of information which is not covered in most other books. It is must read once you get comfortable with C++.

[2] ” C++ For C programmers” – Ira Pohl
This is the book for c programmer, willing to program in C++. It uses good tutorial based approach.

[3] “C++ Primer Plus” – Stephen Prata
This book is good to keep at your desk. It assumes no programming experience and can be used for learning at your own pace. But it left out with detailing of the language so use it as for quick learning & reference.

[4] “C++ FAQs” – Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, Mike Girou
This book is the printed version of the Marshall clines C++ FAQ lite. It has lot of explanations to the most intermediate questions asked in the Usenet. The second edition has 39 sections of FAQ in book.

Compiler specific Books
These are compiler specific books. I’ve listed books of famous compilers like Visual C++ and Borland C++.

[1] “Turbo C++ Bible” – Nabajyoti Barkakti
This is the book you need to learn all about turbo C++. The edition I’ve referred explains the turbo c++ version 3.It has all the information & reference to the graphics functions & examples. It is great book for any turbo cpp user.

[2] “Object Oriented Programming in Microsoft C++ “- Robert Lafore
This is great book from author Robert lafore.This book teaches you C++ in visual cpp environment. It starts out with regular discussion of language but then precedes immediately with the compiler specific details.

[3] “Borland, C++Builder Unleashed ” – Charlie Calvert
This book has good overview of the Borland C++ builder. It explains good techniques of porting code from Delphi & has explanation for the components, database etc.

[4] “Teach yourself Borland C++ Builder in 14 days” Kent Reisdorph and Ken Henderson
This book teaches you C++ language in perspective of the Borland C++ builder. It has good explanation of VCL & has questions and answers section at the end of each chapter. This book is good to read once, and it is usually shipped with the Borland product itself.

[5] “Visual C++ 6 Unleashed” Toth
This guide comes with cdrom that has source code for the examples mentioned in course. It has good explanation & covers a lot of language.

[6] “Programming Windows Games with Borland C++” – Nabajyoti Barkakti
This book is outdated. It explains game programming for the older Borland C++ compiler. Some techniques may still applied to newer version of turbo explorer but still chances are slim. You can compile your programs with tc++ 3 without glitches.

You should avoid learning from easy steps or dummies books. I’ve not mentioned Bruce eckel’s Thinking in C++ here, as I’ve found it hard to grasp. But that is my opinion. If you know any good book or video tutorial about visual c++ and Borland c++ builder then do post link for it.

There are many other books that are supposed to be listed here. Also some of them are supposed to be removed as they are not confirmed to new standard. If you find a good book that can be referred to hobbyist then please post it here. Please do mention ISBN if possible, so that others can find it easily on Amazon. I hope the information supplied above helps. If you’ve any suggestions & feedback please do post it here.