In Review :Turbo Explorer

I have written a lot about turbo c++ 3.0 compiler.I think it is the great IDE for any beginner in C++.It is still used in many training institutes,colleges and universities.Recently borland revived the turbo series products that will alllow newusers to learn & create applications quickly,for professional developers these series will confirm to latest standards and frameworks.Here, i would like to express my views spcifically about C++ flavour of Turbo Explorer.

What’s new?
Turbo explorer edition targets a different combination of programming language and platform:

1. Turbo C++ (Windows)
2. Turbo C# (.Net)
3. Turbo Delphi (Windows)
4. Turbo Delphi (.Net)

The package comprises of integrated compilers, RAD visual designers, rich debugging features, Code Insight, templates, a history manager, a database explorer and connectivity, included Borland InterBase and MSDE, support for DCOM, ActiveX, .NET remoting, many pre-built components, etc.

Turbo Explorer editions comes free of cost,but you have to register (free) at codegear website in order to obtain license keys.Turbo explorer editions comes in filesize of about 300-500MB+.Limitations of Turbo explorer edition is that you can install only 1 edition out of these flavours.So you have to be very carefull with your choice.Also you can’t add any third party components into IDE and If you do compiler will flag error.Another annoying thing is that for some features the help file of turbo explorer refers to full version developer studio of borland products.

With Turbo explorer you get some of the notable features such as:
1. auto-complete suggestions
2. Live Templates
3. Ctrl+click Help
4. Code Revision history
If you are developer then these features will make your life easier but if you’re newuser then this may overwhelm your turbo expereince.

Why not Turbo C++ 3.0 ?
As Turbo explorer comes in various flavours,let’s be specific for Turbo C++ Explorer compiler.Here are some of the reasons why we should not opt for old Turbo C++ 3.0 :-
1. It is decade old.
2. Not confirmed to latest standards (No STL library)
3. Improper error messages for bugs in programs.
4. Limited to 16bit application.
5. 64KB memory limit.
6. Not supported by modern graphic libraries.

On the contrary turbo explorer do not have such limitations.If you are get used to using old Turbo compiler then you can upgrade to feature rich & updated turbo explorer.
For more information about Turbo Explorer you can check out .
If you have tried the explorer version,please drop in your opinion.Let me know what you like and disliked about it.Are you staisfied with the update or prefer another compiler? Just drop in your comments.If you have any questions or suggestions,let me know aout it.