Syntax Highlighting components

There are lot of code editing components available on the internet. I’ve found more than 50 results for such components. Some components has complex. So I’ve compiled list of some of the good components that you can use as per you need. Below listed components can be used apart from Delphi & C++ builder, so check out respective documentation for more information.

Synedit is easy to use code highlight component. It is available for Delphi & Lazarus. You can even use it in Borland C++ builder but it is not officially supported. Synedit has lot of limitations such as no dynamic highlighting, no Unicode support, no code wrapping or folding. For more information about the synedit:

Synedit unicode version can be found here:

This is code editing component for win32 & GTK. It is also natively ported to OSX. Scintilla component allows syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips. If you want to design application purely in terms of code then this is the component you need to have in your side. For more information about scintilla :

There is also wx-scintlla project for wx integration; you should check sourceforge or Google for it.

Delphi-scintilla interface component
This is the scintilla based component designed for Delphi & cpp builder. The current version has few problems compiling on C++ builder. But it works fine with Delphi 5 to 7 without glitches. This component is very easy to use than synedit, it has more lexers and all the features of scintilla project. For more information delphi-sci interface component check out:
3rd party components
There are many third party tools that can be listed here. So here is the list of components those are easy to use. I’ll not mention their URL as these tools are not free & i’m not biased about any of the product.

1. Ruisoft’s Tsyncontrol component. This is quite small software, but allows you to define your own syntax style. For more information for this component just Google for Ruisoft’s.

2. Another worth to mention is Econtrol’s syntax editor SDK. This SDK available for all the versions of C++ builder & Delphi. It is most easy to use but quite costly.

3.There is Rich Editor component from dream company. This company has file related components called dream components. These are quite cheap in cost and perform same task as that of Econtrol’s components.
For more of such 3rd party components you can check out the website. There you’ll have plenty of other components apart from the code editing components.

I hope the information above helps. If you have any suggestion or have any free component to share then please do not hesitate to comment here. Your suggestion & feedback is always welcome.