If you’re a beginner programmer then you’ll learn most of the programming skills from MSDN videos and tutorials. But there is limitation to how much you’ll learn from tutorials and videos so you need to get a good book or ebook for yourself for good reference. There are many good books which you can keep on your desk for reference. You don’t have to buy every book out there as many books are not much in depth and contain lot of newbie garbage.

In this post i’m listing some good books:

1. Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0 by David Buser, Chris Ullman

2. ASP in a Nutshell by A.Keyton, Weissinger, Ron Petrusha

3. Active Server Pages Black Book
ISBN: 1576102475

4. Active Server Pages
ISBN: 061901525X

5. Active Server Pages and ASP.NET
ISBN: 0766849457